Muhammed (PBUH) The Perfect PROSELYTIZER

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Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) was a perfect PROSELYTIZER (Revert to one’s own faith), as far as any another transformer is concerned no one can ever mark up to his Status. He was Revolutionalist, Meliorist and Reformist of the Society. He came in tough time to change the Culture of Arabs, at that time Arabs Performed what we today call the acts of Jahiliya. Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) was Evoker of Humanity into the soul of people of the Arabs, he raised his Voice to teach them, he performed all this in a perfect Manner, this was an example of Being a True Politician. We can found all the qualities of a perfect leader, The qualities possessed by him in the world are matchless whether It be Past, current or Future, all were owed by this Man MUHAMMED (PBUH).


He changed the social life in terms of beautiful teachings, every single point he mentioned about life. He was Mentor, Counselor, and Guider. He taught  How to Dress? How to Live? How to Sleep…would you expect someone teaching you at every single phase of your life? Come on brothers and sisters even your Mother and Father won’t guide you much.



Prophet Muhammed(pbuh) was such a Mixture of Qualities which the world would never see…He was Teacher and Mentor, he taught such basic things to Arabs that they were mixed in colors of beautiful Islamic teachings. He taught in such a manner that Listeners got involve with great Curiosity and interest.He taught Arabs from “How to Eat?” to the, “Praising of One God…” He was Such an Social Reformer as well as a Theologian.


Prophet Muhammed’s Principles are more to be concerned as they Touch both The Aspects of Human Life and Life of Hereafter…



Now comes the SPIRITUALITY, Prophet Muhammed’s main Motive was toDrive Human being an Spiritual one, who can attain perfectionism for this world as well as for the Hereafter. He asked Man to be Human which he was not. He asked others To be philanthropist…not to Digest wealth alone instead share it.His motive was fulfilled in his own life which successfully reflects the Popularity he got.


That is the reason I guess George Bernard show writes:-


George Bernard Shaw, in “The Genuine Islam”  Vol. 1, No. 81936.


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